3rd Nailsea Rainbows enjoy an outdoor socially distanced meeting

by | Sep 13, 2020

3rd Nailsea Rainbows enjoyed their first meeting back this afternoon. It was a great success and everybody was thrilled to be back and welcome our new Rainbows. The unit was split in half into 2 separate groups meeting at different times and everyone did great with social distancing and the changes in place. 155 badges were presented to the Rainbows altogether, including several Rainbow Bronze Awards and Rainbow Silver Awards.

We started the badge Feel Good Stage 1 with drawing round our hands and decorating them with things we are good at then put them on a hedgehog to make its spikes. We also acted out different sports and games and thought about what parts of our bodies we used. We also explored outside with tree rubbings, foil leaf patterns and bug hunting and did any activity about brainwaves and dementia. The Rainbows were given all the badges they have earned since January along with 2 crafts they can do at home. A busy Rainbows all done outdoors and socially distanced.

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