Outdoor Meetings Get Underway

by | Apr 1, 2021

On the 29th March, Girlguiding units were allowed to meet face to face outdoors again. 5th Nailsea Brownies and 10th Nailsea Brownies have made the most of this and already had their first meeting back face to face since November last year.

5th Nailsea Brownies enjoyed a lovely evening sitting in a large open space making Easter crafts followed by their traditional Easter egg hunt. The evening was filled with lots of chocolate and excited girls, with some Brownie Silver and Gold Awards being presented.

10th Nailsea Brownies also enjoyed the nice weather. They had a scavenger hunt with their parents and filled their Bunny Buckets with chocolate eggs. They made the buckets on an earlier zoom meeting and they have been given to the Nailsea Community Group to distribute.

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