Brownies Get Designing

by | Jun 20, 2021

10th Nailsea Brownies have recently spent time at Backwell Lake,
taking advantage of the warm, early summer, evening. During their
time there, they exercised by completing Scout’s pace, (30 running
steps, 30 walking), around the lake path before collecting something
to represent the 7 colours of the rainbow. We then enrolled 10
brownies, some who had been waiting for more than a year and
already have an armful of badges

The next activity was to design and build a gadget to hold a bowl of
water and towel, with canes and string. This proved quite difficult for
some groups and took a considerable amount of thought to consider
all the problems that might arise.

Finally, the 3 brownie groups had a sheet of tracking signs and had to
use it to follow the trail left by Wise Owl.

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