Rainbows In Nailsea Enjoy A Busy Term

by | Jun 20, 2021

3rd Nailsea Rainbows went back face to face in May and have been busy the past two months completing the Influence Stage 1 badge and doing lots of other activites.

They have been thinking of something they care about and made badges to show it and thought about what they preferred and why along with telling others about it. They have also been on a fact and opinon treasure hunt and thought about people who help us when we are poorly and drew them a picture to thank them.

As well as the badge, they have also been busy playing with the parachute, experimenting with paper to try to make it strong enough to hold up a bowl of water, decorating biscuits and making cards for Father’s Day and planting seeds and plants. They have also played games such as about how our legs move when cycling and using the action to shoot beanbags into a goal. Two of our former Rainbows returned and told the girls about what they have done and enjoyed about Brownies so far and also spoke about what they enjoyed at Rainbows. Lots of badges were given out too, including 2 Rainbow Bronze Awards!

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