10th Nailsea Brownies Go To Summer Camp With A Difference

by | Sep 5, 2021

It was something they hadn’t tried before – a pack holiday but sleeping in their own beds at home! 19 Brownies obviously thought it was a good idea as they signed up for 3 days hoping for some fun and excitement. It was ran based on a theme as they would normally do at camp.

This years theme was I’m A Brownie, Get Me Out Of Here, focusing on St Mungo’s Medieval castle where there was a resident dragon who would only let Brownies stay providing they completed a daily challenge for him. As with the tv based programme, all the Brownies had to complete a number of challenges and finally at the end of each afternoon, the losers had a less appealing challenge to endure! Some brave souls ate ‘bats eye balls’, ‘dragon snot’ and ‘rat droppings’ to name a few. Others had to put their hands in a slimy box of oiled spaghetti to find ‘dragons’ fingers and many Brownies sampled dried crickets on the last day, after a little persuasion!

Several crafts were also produced, the first being the obligatory place mat. This depicted a medieval table with a pigs head, candelabra and food. There were also some beautiful marbling pictures which, although took ages to complete, were certainly worth the time and effort put in by the Brownies and the leader who supervised the activity. The decoupage plant pots were also a great success and something of which the Brownies can be very proud of. As they were staying in a castle, we made ‘castle pencil pots’ using stone effect wallpaper, which when finished were filed with pens, pencils etc. They also decorated small wooden shields and added their own initials to make them into their own personal shield emblems. One of the favourite crafts was making their own hobby horses, which they used for several challenge races one afternoon.

Outside, the Brownies had a chance to try archery, axe throwing using foam axes, catapult firing and other medieval activities. One afternoon, two of the leaders built a huge catapult from which the Brownies could fire a football and try to land it inside a small model castle. This was great fun and quite a challenge! The second afternoon finished with cooking marshmellows on the campfire and all the parents were invited on the final afternoon for a ‘medieval tea’. The tables was all laid out and decorated with arrangements made by the Brownies earlier in the day.

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