Wraxall Division Remembers

by | Nov 16, 2021

The districts and units in Girlguiding Wraxall Division enjoyed taking part in a range of activities for Remembrance Day last week and on Remembrance Sunday.

1st Clevedon East Rainbows, 1st Nailsea Rainbows and 1st Backwell Rainbows enjoyed making poppy fields. They made lots of poppies by finger painting and talked about why we have Remembrance Day and what we remember. 3rd Nailsea Rainbows made their own unit wreath, which was put on their display board, and each Rainbow also made their own mini Remembrance wreath to take home. Wreaths were also made by 1st Clevedon West Guides, 14th Clevedon Guides and 3rd Clevedon Brownies. 1st Clevedon West Guides made poppies and used them to decorate a wall with the word REMEMBER for all the community who use that space whilst 3rd Backwell Brownies made felt poppy brooches. 6th Nailsea Guides and 10th Nailsea Brownies made poppies from recycled plastic bottles, cutting them into shape and melting the edges. 10th Nailsea Brownies stuck their poppies on a cross, on sticks and wreaths and created a display in the Nailsea in Bloom Girlguiding Nailsea flowerbed with their creations. They also did a Remembrance Day quiz where they had to find 15 questions, stick them in the relevant place on their groups sheet and try to answer them.

Four of the districts attended Remembrance services on Remembrance Sunday. Several leaders from Nailsea district attended the service at Holy Trinity Church, Nailsea representing Girlguiding in Nailsea and laid a wreath. Clevedon West and Clevedon East districts both attended the service St Andrews Church, Clevedon. At the Clevedon service, leaders and a Brownie represented Clevedon East and they laid the wreaths made by 3rd Clevedon Brownies and 14th Clevedon Guides whilst Clevedon West also laid a wreath and were represented by their leaders, 1st Clevedon West Guides and 6th Clevedon West Guides. 1st Long Ashton Brownies, 2nd Long Ashton Brownies and 2nd long Ashton Guides also attended their local Remembrance Service and we’re represented by flag bearers from the units.

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