Long Ashton Keen To Reopen Their Rainbow Unit

Can you help Long Ashton reopen their Rainbow unit and give more girls an opportunity to join Girlguiding?

We are looking for someone to people to run the unit as well as people to take on supporting roles to help the leaders

Purpose of the role

Long Ashton has had a thriving Rainbow unit for many years that sadly had to close in 2019. Now, we are hoping to reopen it. Girlguiding has always been popular in Long Ashton, especially Rainbows, and there are many girls missing out on Rainbows with several attending units in other towns just so they can join in the fun.

At the heart of girlguiding are the unit meetings that girls go along to. Rainbow units usually meet for one hour once a week, though units can meet flexibly for less often but more hours. Long Ashton Rainbows previously met on a Monday early evening for one hour but the new unit team are welcome to change this to suit them. Volunteering at unit meetings means getting messy, meeting new people and running activities that help girls discover their potential. You’ll volunteer directly with young people.

There are different roles available which are perfect if you want to:
Support girls on a regular basis and see them grow
Get stuck into adventurous (and often messy!) activities
Have a rewarding role where you’ll develop great relationships with girls and volunteers

Key responsibilities

We need people to fill several roles for the unit. The minimum we need are 2 leaders, though more than this and volunteers in other roles are welcome and are just as much part of the unit team and helping to run the unit as the main leaders. One positive of a larger unit team is that you can share out tasks to suit each individual and the time you have to do them.

Unit helper
Lots of new volunteers start out as a helper at a weekly unit meeting. You’ll work alongside other volunteers to give girls fun, friendship, challenge and adventure. There’s no responsibility for planning in this role but you’ll be the extra pair of hands needed to make unit meetings happen.

Unit occasional helper
Can’t commit on a weekly basis? Then help at a unit from time to time or on a temporary basis. A great way to volunteer around everything else you have going on.

Unit leader
Be an inspiring role model to girls and young women – and have a lot of fun in the process. As unit leader, you’ll run the unit, lead a team of volunteers, and plan and deliver a programme of awesome activities. If you’d like to become a leader, you’ll be supported to complete our Leadership qualification. You’ll have training on everything from planning your programme to child safety.

Assistant leader
Have plenty of fun as an assistant leader while giving essential support to your unit leader. You’ll help to plan and deliver meetings, events and activities.

Skills and Experience

You don’t need any prior experience – just a can-do attitude!

Works with:

Volunteers within the unit will be expected to work with:

  • Unit leader (a volunteer who manages the unit)
  • District Commissioner (a volunteer who looks after all of our volunteers in your local area)
  • Other volunteers in the unit

Apply Now

All roles are flexible and full training will be given


You do not need to be an existing member of Girlguiding to apply

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